End of life services for used lithium-ion batteries

When a lithium-ion battery reaches the end of its life, it requires expert handling that meets the safety requirements set by law. As a hazardous waste expert, we have the appropriate logistics networks for the safe transportation of lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries that have reached the end of their life are classified as hazardous waste. The used batteries must be packed separately from other materials. Damaged batteries in a critical stage, in particular, require special expertise in handling, as they can be extremely flammable.

We provide special containers for the storage and transportation of used lithium-ion batteries. The correct solution for storing and transporting the batteries depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the battery. We guide our customers through the whole process to ensure that all the relevant rules and regulations are applied.

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We know hazardous waste

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Expertise in transportation and packaging of used batteries

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Logistics network for transporting hazardous waste

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Deep understanding of relevant rules and regulations

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