Raise a concern

We want to do business the right way, responsibly. Part of this is to promote a culture of openness as part of Fortum Open Leadership culture. A culture in which we all feel comfortable raising questions and concerns related in any way to our Code of Conduct.

When you tell us your concerns relating behaviour that is not in line with our Code of Conduct, you help us to take action and improve the situation. So if you have a questions or concern about what is proper conduct, or if you suspect that the Code of Conduct is being violated, contact your manager, the people function, Group Compliance or the Company management.

All compliance concerns raised at Fortum are reviewed in accordance with an established process. Raising a concern about compliance with business ethics will not lead to adverse work related consequences. During the investigation of compliance concerns we ensure confidentiality, and do not take disciplinary actions against the person accused of misconduct or noncompliance until the investigation process has been completed. Those who violate the Code of Conduct will be subject to appropriate disciplinary actions.

We invite all employees and other stakeholders to raise concerns and when necessary report anonymously via SpeakUp tool. The aim should always be to improve our company in doing business the right way, responsibly. The SpeakUp procedure gives the guidance on how to raise concerns.

About SpeakUp®

  • The SpeakUp® system is available in 70+ languages and in 200+ countries.

  • Report can be left by user via phone or web. The SpeakUp phone and web applications work exactly the same way. 

  • Privacy and security are safeguarded - the infrastructure is in The Netherlands; data protection and IT security are priorities. 

  • Use SpeakUp toll free phone lines or web services assigned to the given country 

  • Fortum considers the misuse of any of these channels unacceptable. 

What kind of issues can you raise?

If you believe any issue is not entirely in line with our company values or Fortum Code of Conduct, you can raise your concern and provide reasoning. If you have a question about or issue with your employment conditions or performance review or if you have a personal grievance, this SpeakUp tool does not apply. You may contact your local People Function to discuss if there are other ways to raise your concern.

The concerns may relate, for instance, to matters concerning accounting and financial records and practices, fraud and financial irregularities, securities issues (this reporting channel constitutes also under the Finnish Securities Markets Act, Chapter 12, Section 3, the independent reporting channel for reporting suspected violations of rules and regulations regarding financial markets), conflicts of interest and illegal acts, including bribes.