Our strategic achievements 2016–2018

Since 2016, we have driven productivity and industry transformation, creating solutions for sustainable cities, grew in solar and wind and built new energy ventures.


The implementation of the strategy outlined in February 2016 has been very successful, with the Uniper investment completing the re-investment of capital we received from the divestment of the distribution business in Finland, Norway and Sweden in 2013-2015. We created Recycling & Waste Solutions, a new business area connected to climate change and resource efficiency. Combining retail businesses with Hafslund, we formed  Consumer Solutions, the leading electricity retail company in the Nordics with 2.5 million customers. Our solar and wind production grew from 15 MW to 300 MW in two years and approximately 400 MW is under construction. We established ourselves in e-mobility with Charge & Drive and Plugsurfing, accessing 70,000 EV chargers. 

Forming Recycling and Waste Solutions

We teamed up with Ekokem in 2016 to form a major Nordic circular economy company. Our mission is to engage customers and society to drive the change towards a cleaner world, and environmental business operations will be playing a major role in achieving this vision. Our waste management refinery, Circular Economy Village, was selected as the Climate Deed of 2017 in Finland.

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Significant increase in solar and wind

Our solar and wind power production has grown rapidly from 15 MW in 2016 to over 300 MW 2018. We have established a recognised position in Indian solar and we are growing in the Nordic wind. In Russia, we are the front-runner with the first industrial-scale wind park and increased solar capacity.

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New customer offerings in eMobility, demand response and energy storage

We partnered with promising technology companies and acquired and invested in start-ups on energy-related technologies. We acquired Europe’s leading independent charging service for electric vehicles, Plugsurfing, to empower electric vehicle drivers to charge wherever they go, even internationally.

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Drive productivity and industry transformation

In September 2017 we agreed with E.ON. to acquire their 47%-stake at Uniper.  We have also continued active fleet development and closed the biggest coal-fired power plant in the Nordics.

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