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10.07 EEST

Fortum calls for stronger enforcement and improvements of the Waste Shipment Regulation

Fortum supports the objectives of the Waste Shipment Regulation (WSR) to a great extent but would suggest an extended scope and additional topics to be addressed within each objective.


14.32 EEST

Fortum calls for actions to ensure that clean high-quality recycled materials will be the future’s raw material supply in European industry

Fortum welcomes the Commission’s new circular economy action plan and supports, in particular, the initiatives on ensuring a clean circular economy and a stronger market for high-quality recycled raw materials.


09.13 EEST

Carbon removal – Imperative in combating climate change

The publication presents Fortum's proposals for integrating carbon removal into EU legislation.


16.27 EEST

Current Flowbased implementation plan - a risk for a well-functioning Nordic power market

The implementation of flow based market coupling should improve the Nordic power market as a whole taking into account the implications to all physical and financial markets.


18.58 EEST

Fortum’s response to the consultation on the EU 2030 Climate Target Plan

Reinforced and extended emissions trading system should take the main responsibility for the EU 2030 climate ambition increase.


11.19 EEST

Fortum's position on sustainable finance

Taxonomy regulation and TEG report


10.19 EET

Open response to joint investor letter

Fortum's President and CEO has sent a reply to the joint investor letter of 17 March 2020.


15.30 EET

Carbon border adjustment in the power sector

Fortum’s position on carbon border adjustment in the power sector discusses carbon leakage and various options to establish a carbon border adjustment mechanism for the EU power sector.


14.45 EET

Fortum's view on the Nordic TSOs' proposal for Nordic bidding zone review

Fortum welcomes the Nordic bidding zone review, which has possibilities to further increase the Nordic power market efficiency.


16.20 EET

Towards a European Green Deal and Climate Neutrality

Fortum’s views on the future of the EU climate policy


13.55 EET

Fortum's messages to the EU institutions (2019-2024)

In the face of irreversible climate change, setting Europe on a path towards implementation of the Paris Agreement should be the number one priority of the next legislature of EU institutions.


11.03 EET

Towards a sustainable battery business: Fortum calls for the EU to ensure used batteries are recycled for the raw materials supply in Europe

Fortum welcomes the Strategic Action Plan on Batteries and the European Commission’s work to set minimum sustainability requirements for batteries.


09.16 EEST

Fortum's view on the Nordic Grid Development Plan 2019

Fortum calls for strong regional grid planning to enable the energy transition and electrification in the Nordics.


11.06 EEST

Fortum's views on EU's energy and environment state aid

Fortum welcomes the process to review the Guidelines on State aid for environmental protection and energy 2014 - 2020, EEAG (2014/C 200/01). It is important to align EEAG in light of the EU 2030 targets and the Clean Energy Package and to ensure that the revised guidelines will sufficiently reflect the recent technological advancements, development of other steering mechanisms as well as the EU Commission’s objective to reach carbon neutrality by 2050 in line with the Paris 1.5 °C target.